Tom Ford glasses are a branded product; they used to impose a style and anticipate trends, but they are now stagnating in their old design and the quality of service is no longer there. The Texan designer was one of the first to foresee the return of vintage shapes in eyewear, with sober frames with a retro look and going so far as to make the Pilot, traditionally sunglasses, into eyewear. The lines are bold, the colors are sophisticated, the materials are luxurious and the finishes are exceptional. Tom Ford's distinctive sign is the metallic T monogram that appears at the temple.

The Optical Zone is now liquidating them, we don't want to be associated with this brand that has disappointed us in the past. The products were of good quality, but we cannot guarantee the after-sales service. You will however benefit from the guarantee at the best price. Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

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